6 March 2021
Featured image for 🎉Launch Day

Today we are excited to announce our new SaaS Product PageMaker, a mobile-first CRO-focused Landing Page builder and selling tool for Amazon Sellers. 🤩

If you sell on Amazon, then we invite you to try PageMaker with a FREE FOREVER PLAN. Just visit our website, sign up without a credit card, and start your first campaign.

That's not enough if you are a Marketing Agency; we have conversion-focused templates for you as well; you can create a Landing Page for your client in just 10 mins and start collecting leads via Form on the Landing Page.

And Yes, we know many Bloggers and Affiliates want to try their hands. We have an incredible Recurring Commission for all the early affiliates. Join our affiliate program, drive traffic to PageMaker, and you won't believe your cookies last forever. So you will never miss your lead and will get the commission always when that client purchases a subscription, even in the future.

Some of the mind-blowing features:

  • 📱 Mobile First: 98% of traffic will come from mobile, so our landing page builder helps you create a landing page for mobile, and other platforms handled automatically. 

  • 🇮🇳 Dynamic Text: Show users their country in the Announcement bar offer using the dynamic country tag. It will drastically boost your conversions.

  • ⏰ Scarcity Counter: It's proven and already helps for a better click-through rate on your Landing Page. 

  • 🔗 Custom Domain: You can make your landing page live on your domain with easy configurations.

  • 🔛 1000+ Integrations: You can integrate your landing page with many email clients, and that's not all; we have Zapier integration which will open the endless possibilities for integrating your landing page with other apps. 

  • 📊 Analytics and Reports: Get valuable insights from all your landing page campaigns with our real-time analytics dashboard.

  • ☁️ Free Hosting: We took care of the best infrastructure for your landing page so you can get lightning page speed.

And many more......! 

Sign up now! and share your valuable feedback with us. 🤝

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